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Join FunkyBatz at ElectroLuv Fest on November 7, 2015 for a fundraising concert evening benefiting KPFT 90.1 Pacifica community radio and ElectoLuv Radio Show. Come early for great Tex-Mex and stay late at the Last Concert Café located in downtown Houston for performances from day to night.

It only makes horses sense you’ll be rocking and jiving with groups like, Nameless Horses, a dirty southern, psychedelic rock show from beginning to end. And may there be a lot of reasons to seek out the sounds of your favorite cover bands; feast your tribunal burning desires on the rocking rhapsody of HeartByrne’s tribute to Talking Heads and A Live One’s tribute to Phish. Your support means a lot for your community radio station.


Talking Heads fans prepare to be taken on a nostalgic journey to delight your best memories of the mix in song selections you love and the live, exhilarating performance nature of “Stop Making Sense” in concert. Travel a concord path of the last three-decades with cosmic twins, Heart Byrne, by entirety of catalog to one of your favorite bands of all times.

Long time friends with great reverence for the purveyors of punk rock and pop-garage dance party. An electrifying sound and style of enthralling raw energy makes this party as iconoclastic as Talking Heads itself.

A Live One

Phish Phans behold, A Live One, the ultimate Phish tribute band from Austin, Texas. The group started performing at Stubbs in Austin back in 2011. A loyal following formed and the band has steadily sampled compositions, like the epic “You Enjoy Myself” and “Divided Sky” promoting to the strangely addicting nature of Phish performances. Come evolve your earholes to the hammering, funky jam set of the year at ElectroLuv Fest.

The greatest strength of any Phish song is the live performances. After several years of playing the songs and performing, A Live One brings out a repertoire of cosmic improvisational jam that weaves in and out of a set list of compositions with fresh improvisation and strong dramatic peaks and creamy encores.

Nameless Horses

An Austin, Texas based group of dirty southern rock, psychedelic cacophony and slaying garage grunge. Members include Jason Balcauski on bass, JJ Kane on vocals and guitar, Jon Olson on lead guitar, and Barry Myrick on drums. These string of ponies are rock worthy by any standard of the fame and untamed sounds of the likes of, The Black Crowes, Mother Love Bone, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Black Keys.

Ready to rock the faces of Houston’s ElectroLuv Fest for a worthy cause – rock and roll with the down and dirty raw powers of swamp rock and southern blues, Nameless Horses.

ElectroLuv FestHeartByrne • A Live One • Nameless Horses and more! atLast Concert Cafe Houston, TX
ElectroLuv 2017 atLast Concert Cafe Houston, TX

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