Backup Planet Zoofunkyou  •  Heapin’ Helpin atLast Concert Cafe
Thursday, February 01
Show 7:00PM

Backup Planet is a progressive funk-rock band based out of Nashville, Tennessee.  To see Backup Planet perform live is to simultaneously travel back in time and forward into the future. Their truly unique sound emanates from a place that seems familiar, yet unchartered. Elements of jazz, funk, roots, blues, electronic, and progressive rock all emerge during the course of their shows. Their sound draws from so much you’ve heard before—‘70s rock and funk, high-energy improv, a touch of pop, and a sliver of metal.

Zoofunkyou is a psychedelic funk band coming out of Chicago that specializes in booty-shakin’ improvisational jams. Drawing influences from people like The Grateful Dead, Alabama Shakes and Jimi Hendrix, they achieve psychedelic euphoria through introspective lyrics, swaggering, screeching guitar licks and an extremely tight rhythm section. The finished product sounds like early Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac meets Tame Impala with a dash of modern jam band influence.

Heapin Helpin is high-energy, five-piece band combines jazz, blues, funk and soul influences to create a uniquely Texas-sized portion of rock