Blackfinger Fiesta de Musica(Day One) Brownkidz  •  Mau Mau Chaplains: Dreadneck Wednesday  •  Henry + The Invisibles  •  Dem Roots Music  •  The Contrabandits  •  LaTasha Lee and The BlackTies  •  Marcus Morales  •  Executive Steel Band  •  Jeff Lofton`s Electric Thang atDogwood
Wednesday, March 13
Show 2:00PM
Ends 12:00AM
Free Show

Day 1: Wednesday 3/14/19
Blackfinger Fiesta de Musica

2pm Jeff Lofton‘s Electric Thang
3pm Executive steel band
4pm Marcus Morales
5pm LaTasha Lee & The BlackTies
6pm The Contrabandits (sponsored by Raw Rolling Paper
7pm Dem Roots Music
8:45 Henry + The Invisibles
10:30 Mau Mau Chaplains: Dreadneck Wednesday
12midnight: Brownkidz