Michaux TV Soul Food Potluck Brian Scartocci atMichaux TV Studio
Monday, May 20
Show 7:00PM
Ends 9:00PM
Free Show

Brian Scartocci is a retro-soul phenomenon making waves deep in the heart of Texas and beyond. His voice touches the depths of classic soul. A must-see performer, Scartocci marvels audiences with guaranteed dynamic execution – often ending up offstage and in the crowd, clothes torn and drenched, never showing signs of fatigue.

FREE Show! However; you MUST bring a Soul Food dish to gain entry. BYOB! Bring anything FRIED, Mac & Cheese, Bar B Cue RIBs, Collard Greens, stuff with BACON in it! Butter, Salt, Sweet, you know tha deal! Get ready to EAT, DANCE, share good times and be a part of our interactive LIVE TV STUDIO audience at a live taping / streaming of Michaux TV, a LIVE Streaming music TV show in Austin! For more info checkout http://www.michaux.tv/