Chicha Summit Dayparty atSpiderhouse Cafe and Ballroom
Friday, March 16
Free Show

Local psychedelic-Cumbia heroes Money Chicha, featuring veterans of the Grammy-award winning Grupo Fantasma and Ozzy Osbourne approved Brownout/Brown Sabbath, bring their Chicha Summit brand home. After four successful journeys spreading the gospel of chicha and psychedelic cumbia to audiences across America, this intrepid band of capable musicians brings their sound to the Spiderhouse Ballroom for a FREE day show on Friday, March 16th. Joining them will be a host of acts representing the new wave of Cumbia-centric, Chicha inspired acts from the East, West and third coast as well as a number of acts hailing from Colombia, the motherland of Cumbia rhythm and culture.



Money Chicha (Austin, TX)

-Combo Chimbita (NYC, NY)

-La Misa Negra (SF, CA)

-EL Dusty (Corpus Christi, TX)

-Kiko Villamizar (Austin, TX/Colombia)

Superfonicos (Austin, TX)

*More bands TBA (Pending Visas)