Eddie Robbins Band atShady Acres Saloon
Friday, April 21
Show 8:00PM
Ends 11:00PM
Free Event

After Eddie Robbins picked up his dad’s dusty old Martin guitar at the age of 11, expressing and learning through music and songwriting has served as the navigating anchor point for his life. Spending 20 plus years in Austin and the unparalleled Texas Hill Country, Eddie creates music that encompasses the entirety of the human experience. With a past of unexpected hardships and health scares but the steady constant of his ever-loving family, Robbins was able to channel the radical darkness of life into his art. Through his talented songwriting, guitar playing, and singing, Eddie unabashedly delivers the delightful fusion of the world’s undeniable magic, yet undeniable mortality. After 30 years, Eddie Robbins will finally make his debut full-length album debut with the Eddie Robbins Band. The album was recorded at Laughing Heart Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, in the summer of 2020 & 2021.