TransContinental Trip Bourgeois Mystics  •  Hatch atOne-2-One
Saturday, November 07
Doors 7:00PM
Show 8:00PM
All Ages

With genre-bending compositions, epic jams, and funky grooves, TransContinental Trip(TCT) makes their statement as a unique and high energy musical experience. At any given show, listeners witness the band’s musical interplay of rock/jazz/latin fusion blending with heavy riffs and dance grooves. This Austin based ensembles delivery of improvisational jams is the cornerstone of the bands progressive sound and instrumental nature.

Bourgeois Mystics, Austin’s premier Basement Monkey Bat Jazz / Future Funk experience, unites the talents of 1990’s funk preacher, Zenith Nadir, eternal “squid god” and multi-dimensional villain, Squiggly Finesse, alien archaeologist, Tonto Luigi, and civil war pacifist hero, Duane Barry. The group couples its unique compositional acumen and technical skill with metaphysical “get down” dance beats and hard grooves that inspired the dance phenomenon known as the “Bourgeois Boogie.”
Distinct originals and unique covers combine an array of styles (such as funk, Latin, surf rock, Afro-beat, jazz, hip-hop, and more) sung in various languages including French, English, and Hindi. Electrifying live performances blend participatory “shock rock” theatrics with unmatched musical prowess and raw, unfiltered sonic energy. Musical mundanity tremble and take heed! For this is Bourgeois Mystics!

Hatch is an on the spot performance synergistic with the audience. Rife with the attitude to empower the people that love and heal the world. An egg of sound ready to give consciousness.