Honey Island Swamp Band atC-Boys Heart & Soul
Thursday, April 04
Show 10:00PM
The Honey Island Swamp Band is BACK to delight  Austin TX  with a new record  “Custom Deluxe”  These songs are like entrees of the tastiest New Orleans sounds, fusing roots, blues, Southern rock and beyond. It’s gumbo with gusto.
Performing two sets  – one with their new and classic original music and the other is the Dark Side of The Swamp – celebrating the music of Pink Floyd.
This band weaves in the funk so be ready to dance all night and leave with songs in your head and a tap in your feet!
The Honey Island Swamp Band are a thrilling, eclectic band that defies genre conventions, renders song structures elastic, and wholeheartedly stresses that the song reigns supreme.  Since they formed in 2005 in San Francisco after their displacement from New Orleans via Katrina – and subsequently relocated back home – the band has evolved to embody contemporary roots music.