Howard and the Nosebleeds Album Release  •  India Tigers in Texas  •  Free Radicals atLast Concert Cafe
Friday, June 24
Doors 7:00PM
Show 8:00PM

More on Howard and the Nosebleeds:
Howard is Preston Dow on guitar and vocals, Victor Sanchez on drums, and Wyatt Mann on bass. Howard is all things. We have come to provide you with a psychedelic mental massage, arousing the spirit while wiping and enhancing the memory. Howard loves you. Let our jams tongue the inner core beyond the labyrinths of your mind. Begin a journey both in and out of yourself – or just jam out!

A mixture of lysergic awareness and impending destruction flavors the music of India Tigers in Texas. The sounds of warped, fuzzed-out guitar leads brings to mind cascading neon waves on a desolate shore post-apocalypse, and all that survived the torrent was a single group of psychedelic vagabonds that assembled to become the guiding beacon of a new revolution.
The group borrows from influence of the bygone psych rock of the ‘60s, in the vein of Jefferson Airplane and the 13th Floor Elevators, and their shows often divulge into a swirling mass of frantic movements as the audience is helpless but to be overcome by the maddening chaos of the live set. In the “right mindset” India Tigers in Texas can lead the listener on a journey, easily envisioning kaleidoscopic moments of intense euphoric bliss and likely some sort of deep state of epiphany.

Free Radicals play funk, cumbia, dub, klezmer, ska, mambo, and backs up rappers and breakdancers. We play weddings, funerals, street protests, clubs, fundraisers, and social distance park parties. Free Radicals has recorded 9 albums over the past 26 years.