Juno What?! TransContinental Trip  •  Collidoscope atParish
Saturday, May 16
Show 9:00PM

Juno What?! is a shameless dance party based in the music mecca of Denver, CO. This powerhouse quartet delivers a deeply satisfying mix of live electro-funk and high-energy disco booty jams. The band formed in 2008 as an outlet for Joey Porters (The Motet) organic-meets-electronic dance compositions and since has released three independent albums. Juno What?! audiences are treated to a band that appreciates both the classic pedigree of vintage vinyl dance cuts as well as futuristic sternum-bumping anthems. The band consists of Joey Porter (keyboards, talkbox), fellow Motet-eer Garrett Sayers (bass, synth bass), Denver guitarist at large Dan Schwindt and first call drummer Tyrone Hendrix.


TransContinental Trip was voted #3 top instrumental band in Austin, TX by the readers of the Austin Chronicle!
With their genre-bending compositions, epic jams, and funky grooves, TransContinental Trip or TCT is making their statement as a unique and high energy musical experience. At any given show, listeners witness the bands musical interplay of rock/jazz/latin fusion blending with big riffs and dance grooves.

Collidoscope is a space funk trio comprised of Hank Brigham, James Hatch, and James Bobal. As an up-and-coming ATX group, these guys have been filling rooms since their debut show in 2014.