Money Chicha  •  Superfonicos  •  El Combo Oscuro  •  The Tiarras atFar Out Lounge and Stage
at Far Out Lounge and Stage
Sunday, December 31
Show 7:00PM

Money Chicha is an Austin, Texas based group featuring members of the Grammy-award winning Latin orchestra Grupo Fantasma and its offshoot funk outfit Brownout which performs a fuzzed-out, reverb-drenched and percussion-heavy style of music inspired by the sounds of Peru and Colombia in the 60s and 70s. This style of music, sometimes called “chicha” music, is known for its infectious Latin beat, its psychedelic, surf guitar pyrotechnics and its melodies influenced by the indigenous culture of the Andes mountains.

Superfónicos is Colombian Funk. Better yet, it is Caríbe Soul…fed by the Indigenous and African roots of the band’s Colombian heritage, telegraphing a politics of peace and unity from the stage to your ears. They only ask that you dance toward a place in your mind beyond struggle and strife.v

With El Combo Oscuro, celebrating the album release of La Danza de las Sirenas. El Combo Oscuro is a psychedelic cumbia outfit hailing from the sweat-drenched discotecas of Austin, Texas. Their sound combines the psychedelic trills of the vintage organ paired with gnarled guitar stylings and a thumping rhythm section that creates an impenetrable wall of psychedelic Latin sounds.

Hailing from a Mexican-American heritage, The Tiarras draw from the rich tapestry of musical diversity that surrounded their upbringing. Their vibrant compositions seamlessly weave together elements of rock, Latin, pop, soul, reggae, and blues, resulting in an eclectic yet refined sound that challenges the very notion of genre.