Big Wy`s Brass Band  •  Zoofunkyou  •  A Tiger Lily atOne-2-One
Monday, January 29
Show 8:00PM

Big Wy’s BB from Austin, Texas. Playing whatever music we feel like such as jazz, funk and rock. We strive to have an engaging show!

Zoofunkyou is a psychedelic stew featuring a Chicago based bluesy broth, sizzlin’ with soul, chunks of funk, and meaningful melodic lyrics. Reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, The Alabama Shakes, and Funkadelic. The electric jams of Zoofü are guaranteed to tickle the soul, melt the face, and shake the booty!

Based out of Austin, Texas, A Tiger Lily is a three piece Funk Psych Rock trio that uses influences ranging from classic 70’s psych rock, to new age electro-dance music.