Eminence Ensemble  •  Houston Ensemble  •  Papa Glitch atLast Concert Cafe
Thursday, May 18
Doors 5:30PM
Show 6:30PM
18 & Over

Since 2009, Eminence Ensemble has provided people from all walks of life with a sense of community, a safe space for expression, a needed break from the pressures of life, and a thrilling rush of adrenaline through complex, yet digestible music that bridges the gap between the jam-band and more traditional music scenes.
The Colorado-based sextet, comprised of members Tanner Bardin [drums], Nick Baum [vocals, percussion], Wil Snyder [keyboard, synth], Zac Flynn [bass, synth, vocals], Dylan Gleit [guitar, vocals] & Justin Neely [guitar, vocals], has been steadily building their fan-base through explosive live shows featuring a unique conglomerate of genre-blending compositions. The archipelago of sonic worlds put forth by the band features elements of rock, funk, metal, electronic, soul, and hip-hop that together create an intricate foundation to be decorated by exploratory improvisational jams in a unique way, every show.
Gaining their following first as a live band, Eminence Ensemble learned to capture the crowd with high-energy performances and large-scale production, with a light show just as dynamic as the music. Although they mainly thrive in the jam scene, the band is recognized and loved by fans of all genres. Eminence Ensemble has become known for their complex song structures, harmonized dual-guitar lines, heavy bass drops, dense vocal harmonies, and powerful percussion, both on stage and in the studio.
The sextet focuses most on creating a one-of-a-kind show for their fans each night. Every set list is carefully constructed to capture the vibe of the night, resulting in a continuous energy exchange between the band and audience that strengthens with every cycle. With over 400 shows under their belt, Eminence Ensemble has proven their worth in the scene, playing festival slots at Summer Camp, Electric Forest, Camp Bisco, Wave Spell, Euphoria, Gem & Jam, The Werkout, Same Same But Different, and many others.

Founded by internationally renowned musicians Armov, Chad Wesselkamper, and Cory Wilson, Houston Ensemble is reinvigorating the live-music scene in Texas and perfecting the urban music styles born out of Houston.
As a band, Houston Ensemble has performed at virtually every live-music venue in town, including Discovery Green, 8th Wonder Brewery, Axelrad, Cezanne, The Ready Room, and many more. Established in the summer of 2020, Houston Ensemble has already made waves in publications like Houston Chronicle, Shoutout Texas, ABCIO and Great Day Houston.
Houston Ensemble specializes in the rich sounds of contemporary urban music, including R&B, Blues, Hip-hop, Jazz, and Neo-Soul. The band has performed as a trio, small group, and big band alongside world-class soloists and singers like Vincent Powell from American Idol and Shawn Sounds from The Voice.

PapaGlitch (Michael Bollhoefer) is a DJ and multi-instrumentalist based out of both Houston & Austin TX. Originally the front man and guitarist in Punk Rock bands in the late ninety’s, he DJ’s, sings, plays guitar, bass & drums. After seeing PrettyLights live for the first time in 2012, his musical tastes were forever altered and thus began a journey that would lead to the name PapaGlitch and eventually his DJ sets. PapaGlitch’s sets are typically heavily set in the Future Funk, Hip Hop, Electro Hop, Electro Jazz, Funk and Jazz genres but also range widely from low temp vibes to raggea to dub step. When not DJing PapaGlitch can be found sitting in on guitar and bass with numerous projects in the Houston, Austin and Denver jam, bluegrass, funk and jazz scenes.