Funk Monkey atFunk Monkey at the Maple Leaf June 29
at Funk Monkey at the Maple Leaf June 29
Saturday, June 29
Show 11:00PM

In 2013, Bonerama’s Greg Hicks and Bert Cotton brought together a few friends willing to commit to building something special, something different than the other popular groups they’ve played with. Greg’s powerful trombone and Bert’s tasty guitar are complimented by some of the Big Easy’s finest – Jason Mingledorff (Papa Grows Funk) on sax, Rik Fletcher (Smilin’ Myron) on keyboards, David Pomerleau (Johnny Sketch) on bass, and Eddie Christmas (John Cleary) on drums.

What’s remarkable is how quickly these guys have moved from sounding like a super-jam mashup to being a tight-knit unit with a sound all their own. Performances at Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo, Wednesdays @ the Square, Tipitina’s, and weekly residencies at the Blue Nile and the Maple Leaf have definitely helped the process, but their close camaraderie off the stage is also an essential part of their success.