Funk You  •  Chancy atDEEP ELLUM ART CO.
Wednesday, June 26
Show 7:30PM
Ends 12:30AM

Funk You humbly contributes to a music scene that has given them so much. The band steadfastly crafts and develops their sound while touring across the country, growing closer as a family of musicians. Focusing on the many styles that construct and compose the glorious genre of funk, these players artfully blend clean and powerful vocals with passionate musicianship. Funk You feels most at home on stage, their captivating live performances keep fans coming back time and time again.

Forged from fire to breach the demons foyer and impeach inequity, Chancy is a rock band based in Dallas, Texas. Our mission is to spread love, peace, and joy through our music. Our sound is best described as an arcane and eclectic mix of chaotic, atmospheric and retro-modern soundscapes. It is worst described as Alt-Rock.

You Already Know

"You Already Know" at the Prophet Bar. Written and performed by us! Lovely! WOWEE WOW WOW! Catch us tomorrow, 2pm, at the Diamond Industry Craft Fair at Diamond Tattoo Parlor on 510 E Pipeline Road in Hurst, TX. Also at the Curtain Club on December 3rd!

Posted by Chancy on Saturday, November 25, 2017