SSHH Matt Hubbard Trio atOne-2-One
Sunday, March 12
Show 5:00PM
5 pm Matt Hubbard Trio 7 pm SSHH


SSHH is a rare breed of band. With comparisons ranging from Aphex Twin to The Sex Pistols, these guys are extreme. Fronted by the force of nature that is the singer Sshh Liguz, whose vocals have been described as a mixture of “Bowie, Siouxie Soux, Iggy Pop, Karen O & Robert Plant” she’s a pint sized pocket rocket to be reckoned with. By her side is the man of the hour- Zak Starkey, wielding his weapon of choice–a guitar–that takes your breath away and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up on end in excitement. With awesome intent he moves around creating sounds to make you move! Lyrical and dynamic- the duo make, break, and make music again, drawing on inspiration from personal experience as well as the wonders of the world and the seedy underbelly that seethes just beneath the surface, no stone is left unturned.

“We started playing music way back” says Sshh. “It wasn’t serious. It’s just what we did. We said we wanted to be like the Creatures. I’d be Siouxsie. Zak would be Budgie.” Time passed. Life got in the way. Sshh, an award-winning artist, was busy in a different kind of studio. Zak played drums for Oasis and the Who. Then, they took another step. “We started playing a few gigs in East London,” says Sshh. “We were called Penguins Rising. Then we opened for Kasabian on a couple of shows and their audience really got us. We’ve supported Kasabian 8 maybe 10 times since then. What a zone! Penguins Rising! The only time anyone spelt it right was when we changed our name to SSHH.”

“Issues”, released in November of 2016, includes a whole host of very special guests, and is a genre- bending strut through the last five decades of music. The album is a very modern homage to all the epic bands which made SSHH what they are today. The band was able to ultimately unite rhythm sections of the rock elite like Blondie drummer Clem Burke, The Sex Pistols’ drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Matlock, Primal Scream’s drummer Darrin Mooney and bassist Simone Butler, Marilyn Manson’s drummer Gil Sharone and bassist Twiggy Ramirez, The Big Pink frontman Robbie Furze, drummer Santa Davis of Bob Marley & The Wailers and even Pearl Jam leader Eddie Vedder for a raucous concoction of tunes from Peter Tosh & Bob Marley’s iconic call to action “Get Up, Stand Up” to The Sex Pistols’ “Problems” and more.

Whether it be electronic, blues, punk, funk they all go in to create this bitches brew. There’s something for everyone to get down with. Seductive, Sultry, Hot and Heavy… sweet dreams are made of these baby. The future is now. The future is SSHH. Look out for new music this Spring!



“SSHH’s music … doesn’t sacrifice the knack for melody Zak picked up playing with groups like The Who and Oasis, or by being the son of one of the most melodious groups in rock history.”

– Entertainment Weekly

“The duo deliver a faithful, but blistering cover of “Problems” alongside Matlock and Cook, with Liguz injecting her melodic vocal turn with plenty of Johnny Rotten-esque snottiness.”

– Rolling Stone Magazine


“Sshh Liguz and Zak Starkey (son of Ringo) are the brains behind SSHH, the electro-punk duo. This cut of ‘Get Up Stand Up’ takes a more maximalist approach than the original Wailers tune and translates as stadium-ready upon the first listen.”

– Stereogum


“Liguz’s singing voice is flawlessly punk—ice queen Siouxsie Sioux, with the spunk of Johnny Rotten and the balls to take on any genre of music.”

– RIFF Magazine


“A pelvis swinging slice of gnarly power-pop rock with vocals so saucy they make ketchup seem like mere water”

– NME Magazine


5:00 pm
Matt Hubbard Trio
7:00 pm