Tipitina`s Free Friday Concert Series presents Stooges Brass Band atTipitina's
Friday, July 01
Doors 8:00PM
Show 9:00PM
Free Event

After years of “second lining” through the streets of New Orleans and tearing the roof off its many neighborhood bars, the Stooges Brass Band is bringing its music to the world. With the release of “It’s About Time,” one of New Orleans’s most popular brass bands presents a musical offering that captures the celebratory spirit of New Orleans street music, played with equally high levels of ability and energy.The Stooges perform a style of music that dates back to the 19th Century, with its roots in the time-honored tradition of jazz funerals. Brass bands have inhabited the city’s streets ever since, and legends like Louis Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton and Wynton Marsalis all played in them. Accordingly, the Stooges take their place in that distinguished lineage seriously, and many graduated from the highly respected New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. As a result of this technical training, these guys are not restricted to one particular style; they play it all and play it well! That diversity is reflected in the group’s first recorded effort, “It’s About Time” one of the most ambitious brass band recordings to date. With the exception of the street standard, “Paul Barbarin’s Second Line,” the Stooges introduce 13 smoking new tunes to the brass band songbook. Every one of them drips with the feeling of a Sunday afternoon in New Orleans spent parading through the streets, with one hand raised triumphantly in the air, the other grasping an ice cold beverage. As the New Orleans brass band tradition rolls its way into the 21st Century, the Stooges are staking a claim as the newest sensation on the street. And if history holds true, this band will bring its sound all over the world in the same way its predecessors have. So deal with this, because this is the time for the stooges to wind it up!