The Disco Biscuits  •  Cloudchord atLonghorn Ballroom
Saturday, April 06
Doors 6:30PM
Show 7:30PM

The Disco Biscuits are a band of transformation and invention. The Philadelphia-based group remains the pioneers of “Trance-Fusion” – bridging the gap between electronic dance music and jam rock – while consistently looking for new sonic boundaries to break and avenues to tell stories within.

With two rock operas (1998’s Hot Air Balloon / 2000’s Chemical Warfare Brigade) amongst the 8 full-length studio albums under their belt, The Biscuits are back with their 9th studio record, a space opera entitled “Revolution in Motion,” to be released on March 29th, 2024.

Released in 4 parts and accompanied by comic book-style 3D-animated films, Revolution in Motion tells of an alien species set out to discover and study other life throughout the universe. After partying a little too hard and losing track of their mission, the aliens slip through space in a wormhole, arriving at none other than our planet Earth. Vowing to complete their mission, the aliens set out to abduct and study humans with only The Disco Biscuits able to save their own world, and possibly the alien’s world as well.

With a vast touring schedule and ever-changing live shows, The Disco Biscuits’ soul belongs as much to marathon dance parties as it does to live improvisational journeys. They employ emerging technologies to help them create music that is 100% human although, perhaps, not entirely of this planet.

Cloudchord (Derek VanScoten) is a producer, guitarist, and genre bending specialist that is augmenting musical possibility into reality with his remarkable technical skills. His refreshing takes on atmospheric dance music have solidified his place in the world of psychedelic chill hop beats.

VanScoten was inspired by pivotal live experiences leading him into jazz and classical guitar studies, while digging through the fertile left-of-center instrumental hip-hop. Born out of this aesthetic convergence, Cloudchord has established himself in the burgeoning lo-fi chillhop scene with his own blissfully hypnotic sonic alchemy. He’s since racked up 100 million total streams and won an Emmy for scoring on the documentary In Football We Trust, all while building his reputation with engaging live performances and an overflowing catalog of tunes.

With Bloom Bap, Derek has put forth his greatest and most impossibly lush collection of tunes to date. We see him crystallizing his characteristic style with rolling grooves and dense thickets of melody, cementing Cloudchord as an exciting voice in the soundful electronic landscape. Featuring collaborations with Emancipator, Big Gigantic, Braxton Cook, ProbCause, Adam Deitch of Lettuce, and more, Bloom Bap projects tranquility but never quite sits still, always excitedly shifting its own structure as these 15 songs wind down fascinating paths—and you, the listener, are always along for the ride. “This is an encapsulation of me finding my identity in that world and taking all of the elements of the genre I love while branching out to an even larger audience.”