The Iceman Special  •  Hairy Apes Bmx atLast Concert Cafe
Friday, November 20
Show 8:00PM
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The Iceman Special is a 4 piece outfit transplanted from the swamps of Louisiana to New Orleans. They create a sound that resonates with the psych rock community as well as writing songs that explore reggae, funk, melodic pop, prog, and other influences. The bands live shows are notorious for their intensity and their use of innovative and creative visual stimuli while also taking pride in song writing and the delivery of their message. Screeching yet smooth guitars, wandering yet punchy bass lines, synthesizers, driving drum beats, and powerful vocals form a one of kind soundscape.

Hairy Apes Bmx, featuring Mike Dillon,  is an Austin, Texas, USA-based band playing an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, Latin, afro-funk, hip-hop, and punk. “imagine a bunch of dudes hanging out with the worlds only punk rock vibraphone player…obsessing equally on milt jackson and bad brains….thelonious monk and the minutemen….throw in about 20 years of combined tabla/bata drum/DC gogo worship/study… with equal parts art ensemble of chicago and 90’s hiphop, and well………… sounds nothing like that”